[Advaita-l] Question on Kathopanishad bhAshyam

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Reverred Sir
Thank you very much for a) the clarifications and b) a practical demonstration of why the bhashyas must be learnt at the feet of a guru.

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> Question on Kathopanishad bhAshyam
> Dear Shri Murali,
> By the expression "keshAncidbhramaha", which means, "the wrong notion of
> some persons", what is meant is that some may think that the reference to
> manas here is to 'manomayaH purushaH', i.e., the AtmA identified with the
> mind, and not the mind itself. So Anandagiri points out that the reference
> here is to the mind which is made up of the sattva part of the five subtle
> elements and is therefore bhautika.
> The sentence "'annamayam hi somya manaH" appears in chandogya up. VI. 5. 5.
> It means that the mind is made of food. ch. VI. 5. 1 says that the food
> which is eaten gets divided into three parts. The grossest part becomes
> excreta, the less gross part becomes flesh and the subtlest part becomes the
> mind. Thus the mind is a product of food. There is a story there to show
> that the mind does not function well when one has not had food for some
> days, but it begins to function well when the person takes food. These are
> referred to here by the statement --"annabhAvAbhAvAbhyAm-upacayApacaya
> darSanAd-bhoutikatvameva tat"---
> to show that the mind is bhautika, a product of the elements.
> These commentaries can be understood only if one has a teacher who has
> already studied all the upanishads. It is difficult to study the bhAshya and
> its sub-commentaries by oneself without the help of a teacher.
> Best wishes,
> S.N.Sastri
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