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Dear Marco
What we perceive as 'that exists'  is  just the Ego...which is not real (self) at all
Other than that (I -Ego) everything else is the real self (Brahman).
In this context, see what you have said " I am self realized". Here who realized what?
The real self (brahman) need not realize anything. When you realize that you are not there
that is realization. Actually there is nothing to realize....just drop the what we have been carrying in the name of knowledge . Knowledge is history/ dead experience of some one else...  Knowing is continuous ....it is 'The Awareness'.  
This is my humble view / experience
Best Wishes

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*That which exists is not your true self. *
*That which doesn't exist is not your self.*

Brahman has no "property" of existing or not-existing because there
is no
entity separated from Him which could possibly "observe" so.

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