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Dear Marco,
First let us understand who is writting these statements. Surely , " I "  (Marco or vishy's ego) am writting... because ' I ' still exist  and want myself to be seen/ noticed. That means still doubts exist. We are still seeing with blinkers on and when the light is not on
we wander in darkness seeking light. That's why these statements or questions. But when light is on we realize meaninglessness of our own statements and disagree with them 
Since we are seeing with blinkers light goes on and off continuosly and thats why this plight. Now to avoid this there are two options either to switch off even the blinkers  or switch on the headlights. Sure you know which is right option.
Hope you get what I mean
Best Regards

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Namaste dear friends

I can agree with none of my statemens. I cannot even agree with this one.

Why should they be written? Or they maybe shouldn't?

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