[Advaita-l] Self realization

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 02:20:07 CDT 2008

Dear Marko,
Here is my understanding:
1. My essence is brahman.
2. I perceive brahman atleast in two ways, 
    (a) one as my AtmA (soul) when my attention is inside, 
    (b) as universe when my attention is outside.
   - This projection of brahman as universe and also as my AtmA
     is mAyA.
3. Within this mAyA there is another layer: my apparent understanding
    of mAyA - which itself is a projection of an aspect of brahman and
    hence belongs to the realm of mAyA. This apparent understanding
    can be more clouded or less clouded. This is avidyA.
Both mAyA and avidyA are self evident.
Our problem is dealing with avidyA to get better and better understanding
of mAyA, and hence of brahman.
Some people are of the opinion that avidyA can be completely eliminated by
I personally am of the opinion that via jnAna-vijnAna we can asymptotically
overcome avidyA.
Dear Shrinivas!
Please explain to me one thing I never understood. How can I (Brahman)
either realize or know the truth if I alone am the truth?
Thank you!!


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