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Dear Senani
Thank you for the nice story, but I still think Brahman does not
percieve anything at all. He alone is. Perception and restlessnes are
Brahman too, aren't they?

Best regards

On 8/8/08, Siva Senani Nori <sivasenani at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Long years back, when I was in Standard 2
> We had a lesson, Kutchu and His Glasses.
> Mr. Kutchu lost his glasses,
> so hither, tither and everywhere
> searched everybody in his home.
> Scared were the children and servants
> the wife was tense, Mr. Kutchu, restless
> and quiet stayed the guests.
> Only for them to realise,
> at the end of all the frenzy,
> that he always had them on his forehead.
> I guess, short poems are not my cup of tea, but the above is a good base to
> examine how the Atman, Brahman itself, 'realises' its own self. (Actually I
> need not have brought Mr. Kutchu into the picture, because the bhashyas have
> two examples that readily come to my mind: daSamo`ham and the lady of the
> house 'finding' her necklace in her own neck after frantic searching;
> still, let it be as I can't access the Bhashya immediately and can't
> reconstruct it all from memory.)
> Now for the examination of 'praapti', getting, finding or realising:
> Did Kutchu 'lose' his glasses?
> Yes, he did. That is why he and everybody else searched for them.
> But, did he not always have them on his forehead?
> Yes, he did, but he did not know that. And, that fact did not make him
> search with less frenzy.
> But, then, his "finding" them is not really finding them. He always had
> them.
> Yes, he always had them on his body, but he "found" them only when he
> realised that fact.
> So, the truth does not matter, only the perception matters?
> Yes, to Mr. Kutchu, only the perception matters.
> But, the truth remains that he always had his glasses on his body?
> Yes. Only Mr. Kutch did not 'realise' the truth. He and his people were
> anxious till the truth was realised.
> The Atman realising its true nature is something similar. The actual truth
> remains that the Atman is Brahman, but as long as that is not realised, the
> Atman will have the same anxiety, restlessness and the resultant sorrow that
> Mr. Kutchu had.
> The "anubhooti prakaaSikaa" of Sri Suresvaracharya ends on a similar note:
> that the relased thus attain release.
> Regards
> Senani
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