[Advaita-l] Kutchu and his glasses - realising Brahman

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Dear members
It is all due to ajnanam which is aanadhi.To remove this ajnanam sadhana is 
prescribed.all of us are governed by emotions until budhdhi 
intervenes.Budhdhi develops to jnanam by sadhana.Jnanam leads to 
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>> The story of the necklace - The man who was wearing necklace went to 
>> visit
>> his friend who was fascinated by the necklace and wanted to see. The man
>> gave it to him to examine. When he returned home, he could not find his
>> necklace on his neck and thinking that he forgot in his friend's house, 
>> he
>> ran back - When his friend pointed out that the necklace that he was
>> searching was on  his neck only, all the time, while he came running all 
>> the
>> way in search of it. He had to run all the way back to discover that he
>> never lost the necklace.  Was that running necessary?
>> The running was necessary to find out that the running was not necessary.
>> If he did not run back to his friend-teacher he would not have discovered
>> that what he was searching for is with himself.
>>  Saadhana is necessary to discover that saadhana was not necessary since
>> the truth is a self-evident fact. But that self-evident fact becomes
>> self-evident only after saadhana or after mind is prepared to reexamine 
>> the
>> issue correctly - or what is called chitta sudhhi. This is the same 
>> problem
>> with Marko's meaningless one-liners. They become meaningful only if one
>> understands the problem correctly and if and when one understands the
>> problem correctly, then those meaningless one-liners, will remain as
>> meaningless, since they are after the fact.
> Namaste Sadanandaji,
>                                 Thanks for the nice story and the 
> comments!
> Best regards,
> Pranav
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