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Marko - PraNAms 

Let me try to address the two questions you asked to the best of my understanding.

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> 1.Why is that such a big issue to say that I am
> self-realized?

The self-realization involves two aspects.

1. Realization that I am the self that I am - nothing more and nothing less.

2. The self that I am is the self in all or the essence in all - all includes both movable and immovable - i.e. the entire universe. 

In the self realization - I am  - the very subject that I am, all objective realities or every objectification falls -since it is recognized that they are all false -  I am- period - the existence-self consciousness that - I am.  Any thing that I add including I am self-realized is a qualification to that which is unqualified, I am. All I can be is just BE. any further statement to I am is coming down to the level of qualifying the I am, which cannot be qualified, including the statement that I am self- realized person - Subject I am cannot be objectified. Hence any statement that I am self realized - makes one comedown from self-realization. 

The fact is there is nothing to realize but something to BE - because I am all the time I am, whether I realize that truth or not, but I take my self to be what I am not as I am, as I am this or I am that, which includes both I am not realized and I am realized. Hence as Sanaani stated no sage ever declares that I am realized other than to his teacher, perhaps, as confirmation of his correct understanding of the truth. 

The second aspect self-realization involves clear understanding that there is nothing other than the self that I am. I pervades this entire universe as unmanifested form, all are rising in me, sustained by me and go back into me - since existence of any object in the universe is established by the knowledge its existence by the conscious entity that I am. It is similar to the dream state where in all objects - movable and immovable - arise in the mind (mind of the waker who is sleeping) sustained by the mind and go back into the mind. In that sense there is no other subject or object to which the declaring that I am self-realized can be made since there is nothing other than that I am - since everything is in me sustained by me and go back into me. 

Consequence of this realization comes oneness - advaita - that there is nothing that is separate from me.  If my finger goes into my eye accidentally, I do not prosecute the finger - the same finger will go and try to sooth the eye that got hurt - only because that is my finger and my eye - I pervade both the finger and the eye as one entity. Similarly a realized soul will feel an infinite compassion to the whole universe of object and beings as non-separate from him. Even if some one tries to nail him to the cross - forgiveness and compassion can only flow saying they no not what they do. 

Hence also to whom I can declare that I am self realized since in the realization I find there is no one for whom I can declare.

But, if others come to me to learn - because of the same compassion - I can not but teach - or I should say - the teaching automatically flows. Read the chapter where Nisargadatta maharaja answers the question - if you are not who is answering these questions that too so logically and methodically?  

> 2.For me it doesn't change anything if I claim it or
> not. It is a beautiful
> thing, therefore why shouldn't I share it ?

Mark - I am happy that you have realized.  You can definitely share if someone wants to share that happiness that you are. Believe me, people will come to you when there is overflowing and radiating beauty, compassion, love and understanding engulfs all those that are close by. People will come to you without you declaring that I am self realized. Your action and compassion will make other realize that 'I am that'- is what you are.

> I am not very smart and I do not have the same knowledge
> you have but for me
> that is not very important. I am learning a lot from you.
> But that doesn't
> change the "bottom" reality.

Marko - One has to be smart only to claim that I am this or that -that is called sharp intellect that divides -  but for what I am as I am - there is nothing to be smart -what is needed is an integrating mind or subtle mind - to see oneness inspite of apparent duality -  it is realization of what- I am -all the time. Krishna gives in Gita Ch. II some guide lines for a man of self-realization - those are not meant for testing others but testing oneself if one is self-realized or not. 

If you are self-realized - so be it. There is nothing to declare but something to be. 

My praNAms to you - it does not matter to me if you are self-realized or not - my objections to your one-liners are misleading to those who are yet to realize - Out of compassion to the readers, since those postings meant for others to read and understand - explain how self-realization that you are would involves understanding of those one-liners.  

Hari Om!

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