[Advaita-l] What makes to INITIATE ?

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> Dear Shkata Bandhu's,
>                                     Let us accept the truth and lookforward
> with rejoice.  I would like to understand from any learner member with
> authentication that what makes the Sri Guru to Initiate his disciple ?. I
> mean searching for a Guru and accepting him is very difficullt in the modern
> days. But my personal experience and Litrature says that SriGuru searches
> his disciples and Initiates into the Srividya upasana depending on the
> ability of the sadhaka.
> What I want to understand is that What forces or makes it ? or To look for
> the right disciple or how can one knows the disciple's inner quest for the
> truth. How is the Moon, Jupiter, Ketu, Rahu's POSITIONS in jataka chakra
> effects the upasana, I mean will these positions gives any clue of somebodys
> present kamra's or previous karma's or UPASANAS. Will these grahas position
> can tell that any Srividya Upasana?

I believe that only a 'Guru' can answer this Q.

Prasad Kadambi

Adi Shankara on devotion in VishnuShatpadi !!

सत्यपि भेदापगमे नाथ तवाहं न मामकीनस्त्वम् !
सामुद्रो हि तरङ्गः क्कचन समुद्रो न तरङ्गः !!

"Even when there is no distinction between us, O Lord, I am yours and not
You mine, for the wave is of the ocean and ocean is never of the wave".

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