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Oh learned ones!
While discussing on "Gotras" would someone help me understand why a woman's gotra is told to be changed to her husband's gotra (and surname) after marriage? It is side-tracking the actual topic but I'm in anveshana and would really appreciate anyone's kind thoughts. This is not a feministic perspective...I'm just a curious learner. 

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Thanks. But where did u get this information on Paurakutsa? any
particular person from the Paurakutsa gotra ? Please let this writer know
so that he can establish contact.
The order may be different I think and it also matters. Please
clarify.The order seems to be, repeat seems, I am not sure, "Angiras,
paurakutsa, trasdasya"

Meanwhile, to the best of this writer's knowledge, each gotra Pravara and
Gotra name are unique.

Also it is not necessary that the 5 or 3 pravaras to include the Root
Rishi who is supposed to form the genesis of the Gotra. For instance,

Shreevatsa : Bhargava, chawyvana, apnavana, owrva, jamadangni

Shadmarshana : Angirasa, pourkutsa, trasatsya

OM tat Sat
tat tvam asi

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I belong to the Pourakutsa gotra (from TamilNadu). The rishis name that we use
match with the list given by Jaldhar (although not in the same order. It goes as
angirasa, trasadasyu and pourakutsa. Is that important ?).

Regd, two different gotras having different set of rishis, Does this mean
shaTamarshana and pourakutsa are just two names for the same gotra ?

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 The set of 3 (or 5 or sometimes even 7) rishis for a gotra
> is unique. No two gotra-s can share the same pravara.
> However, some gotra-s have multiple names. The parukutsa
> gotra is also called vishNuvRddha, which is the name found
> in the nirNayasindhu and found in usage in the Maharashtra
> region. There seems to be some geographical and/or sectarian
> preference for using one or the other name for one's
> gotra.
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> paurukutsa gotra has three pravaras: purukutsa, trAsadAsyu,
> and> > angirasa.> > the pravara-s of the
> SaThamarshaNa gotra are also the three RshIs> mentioned
> above (A~NgIrasa, paurkutsa and trAsadasyu). Is it
> possible> that two different gotras can have the same set
> of RshIs or is it the> case that gotra names are
> non-unique?> > thanks,> amudan.>
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