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On Mon, 18 Aug 2008, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:

> Sir, thanks for the prompt help.
> Would appreciate if you could let me know the details of this book, ISBN
> NO., author and any scriptural references ?

This is actually a souvenir from a maharudrayajna which was performed by 
the Brahmana samaj in my home town a few years back.  Based on the tip 
from Vidyashankar I looked at the Nirnayasindhu and it seems this book is 
mostly just a Gujarati translation of the gotrapravaranirnaya section of 
that work.  The Nirnayasindhu is a popular compendium on dharmashastra 
which has been published several times from all over India.

There do seem to be some small differences.  For instance this list 
includes paurukutsa but not Vishnuvrddha which the Nirnayasindhu includes 
as Vidyashankar noted.  Also in this list the gotra is given first 
and then the other pravaras.  E.g. it says for my bhAradvAja gotra, 
bharadvaja, bR^ihaspati, angirasa whereas the Nirnayasindhu says angirasa, 
bArhaspatya, bhAradvAja.  In my family we say it the former way.

> From whatever little I have
> gleaned by talking to elders, the Gotra information is common and there
> is no difference for North or South.

I wasn't sure so I gave the warning.  Shistachara is as important as 
Shruti and Smrti in determining Dharma.

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