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Pranam to all:

I have a book: Ancient Indian Traditions: A historical Account of Vedic and Puranic Traditions by F E Partiger. (ist pub 1922). On page 246 -- Mandhatr (a famous king in Ikshvaku lineage and hence a descendant of Surya and also Kasyapa Rsi through wife Aditi) had a son Purukutsa and whose son was Trasadasyu (both still Kshatriyas).  Trasadasyu's grandson Visnuvrddha and subsequent generations became Angirasa Brahmins (viz the Keval Angirasa gotra: Pourakutsa/Shatmarshana/Visnuvrddha gotra we have been discussing).  Apparently Visnuvrddha married an Angirasa clan daughter.  I have heard there were famous Sri Vaisnava Brahmins (Iyengars)belonging to this gotra. (ref Sri Vaisnava group lists,eg, Sri Pedia, etc)

Trasadasyu's other grandson: Anaranya continued the line of Kshatriyas whose descendants are: Bhagawan Sri Rama from whom Sisodiya clan of Rajputs in Udaipur (and also their descendant Chattrapati Shivaji), Lohana Kshatriyas of Sindh/Gujarat claim descent.  Also Rohatgi caste of UP claim descent from Rama's ancestor Harischandra.

By inference: Shatmarshana/Pourakutsa gotra Brahmins and Rana of Mewar are "parallel cousin brothers".

Now some interesting points to ponder:

1.How could a Kshatriya (Visnuvrddha) marry a Brahmin girl (Angirasa rsi daughter) and subsequent descendants be Brahmins (i.e. Porakutsa Gotra) ?  Instead isn't that a pratiloma jaati ?  Same would apply for Kevala Bhargava gotras and perhaps some others.  Or is it that Visnuvrddha became a Brahmin just like Vishwamitra.  (Now many modern day reformers would say cannot any male become a Brahmin in the current birth and start a new gotra by marrying a Brahmin female)

2.Given that Visnuvrddha "became or his son became a Brahmin", why would not the gotra be patrilineal and hence be Kasyhapa Gotra given Suryavanshi paternal descent ?

3.Given that Shatmarshana/Pourakutsa gotra is a Keval Angirasa gotra, paternally it is still from Kashyapa and hence can those members marry members of Kashyapa/Naidhruva Kashyapa Gotra ?

3.Is Naudhruva Kashyapa gotra among Brahmins also from Kashyapa's wife Aditi just like Suryavamshi Kshatriyas ?

Ravi Chandrasekhara


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