[Advaita-l] [satchidanandendra] You can make a difference in spreading the glorious Vedic education!

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 14:21:56 CDT 2008


I am not starting any new institute. I do not have any personal money gain in this. 

AmEx may give money ($ 1.5 M to $ 100,000) for such a project, if only all the people like you and I,  NOMINATE/VOTE for this project, and show their commitment. AmEx will decide the fulfilling organizations. I won't. 


I am getting more irrelevant questions and suggestions than Nominations. This project has only 194 votes at this moment, where as I contacted a few thousand people via e-mails. While debate is good, at this moment NOMINATIONS count more than suggestions. 

I am discouraged that people are asking me who will get the money or what are my qualifications than showing support for Vedic Education by their NOMINATIONS/VOTES.

Are there less than 200 people who value this education? 

Please motivate people in your circles to Nominate this project, bring it to Top 25, so that new awareness is brought to Vedic education needs. Some children and some teachers in Vedic education circles will benefit. There can not be any partisan views here.



--- On Wed, 8/20/08, subramanya.uh <subramanya.uh at in.yokogawa.com> wrote:
From: subramanya.uh <subramanya.uh at in.yokogawa.com>
Subject: Re: [satchidanandendra] You can make a difference in spreading the glorious Vedic education!
To: srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 12:10 AM

Dear Srikrishna,
I find so many new projects started by many people 
and they loose ground later, dropped sometimes.
To give an example one project was started by 
Dr.  Kotemane Ramachandra a scholar in Sanskrit, 
     by name Veda Vijnana Gurukulam near 
Bangalore . He is doing yeomen service in training  about 30-40 students 
per year for 5 years free boarding/lodging/tuition etc to make them leaders in 
Vedic knowledge/Sanskrit/Computers etc. The minimum qualification for admission 
is Pre -university. They will acquire university degree also parallel through 
correspondence. The syllabus( Shasthras, Upanishads, Vedanta, Philosophy 
etc) is very good but parents don't show courage to admit their wards to 
such courses.
Already 5- 6 batches are out but they are not employed  
successfully  as teachers / leaders to propagate the knowledge of Vedas 
I feel and suggest you to get enough funds for such 
institutions for good infrastructure and maintenance instead of opening new 
There are thousands of such institutions like this 
in India. 
Even Holenarasipur Sachidanandendra Swamijis Ashram 
is also one doing yeomen service. Many senior persons are interested to attend 
one month/  3 months courses in Vedanta. Enough infrastructure can be 
created for this. There may be a great demand in Bangalore for such short 
duration trainings.
One of my friend started one institution near 
Bangalore similar to Veda Gurukulam and ran it for 2 years and now 
almost kept  locked for want of teachers and students.
My suggestion is to resuscitate such old 
Institutions or to develop the existing ones instead of starting new 
What is your opinion?
I have not gone through the web site yet . 

My humble Pranams
Subramanya UH

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  Subject: [satchidanandendra] You can make 
  a difference in spreading the glorious Vedic education!


I'd like to tell you about a project I submitted to 
  Members Project.
It's called "Save Vedic Education and Gurukula system" and 
  with your
support it could get funding from American Express. To nominate 
project for potential funding, please go to Save Vedic Education 
Gurukula system

http://www.membersp roject.com/ project/view/ IRSQJV

  Project is an exciting initiative that brings people together
to make a 
  difference in the world. It's simple. People go online to
share ideas for 
  projects — and ultimately vote on which projects will
share $2.5 million in 
  funding from American Express.

In 2007, Members Project provided clean 
  drinking water to children all
across Africa. What will Members Project do 
  this year? The decision is
yours. Please nominate my project.

  request EACH in your family to nominate this project separately.
  nomination counts. Kindly forward this message to your friends

Let us do our bit to preserve the glorious Vedic heritage. 
  Thank you
for your 




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