[Advaita-l] The True Nature of Advaita

Shantanu Panigrahi shantanu_panigrahi at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 23 03:10:31 CST 2008

Dear Mr Raman
1. I wish to protest against this concerted attack from South Indians to get me booted out of membership of the Advaita List just becuase we have different interpretations of what Shri Shankaracharya preached. I respect Shri Shankaracharya as one of Hinduism's greatest masters. No one is prepared to address the issues that I have raised it seems, and you Sir are the latest in the line of pointless attackers who has surfaced this morning.
2. As far as my psychiatric treatment is concerned let me put you in the picture. I was captured by Dover Police when trying to escape to France on asylum application because of the severe persecution I faced in the United Kingdom for my religious beliefs. They had nothing on me so put me in a mental hospital against my will. It was forced incarceration, and in this nanny-state country once the National Health Service has hold over a person they do not let go. I am forced to have medication and treatment to this day. There is no choice. I am in full control of my mental faculties but live in a nation that has no regard for religion except for the consumerism of Christmas time. So I am stuck with the psychiatric and medication treatment that is forced upon me by the United Kingdom State.
I am an Agricultural Scientist first and foremost and have been denied suitable employment by the United Kingdom State because of the Court cases I lodged against it on the Iraq adventure of the Government and against the crooks of the University of Greenwich who threw me out of my job as a Scientist, and possibly also because I described this as a nation of morons. God in His Infinite Mercy came to me with visions of what was to happen in my life at an earlier stage, which I now see as having been a forewarning of things to come.
Suppression of the truth is religious persecution in my understanding. By banning me from the List of members you will be guilty of a very serious misdemeanour and achieve nothing good for Advaita. You should take note of our shastras and behave in a way that does not bring Hinduism and it's great tolerance of different religious philophies into disrepute by your insistence that my membership should be revoked. 
I look forward to Shri Haldar H Vyas and your reply today.
Yours sincerely
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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Dear list members,

 It appears from the messages posted, the concerned person is under
psychiatric treatment. So
it is not proper for us to post more questions / criticize his thoughts (he
does not know what he is
speaking/writing). To avoid more spam, as someone suggested it will be best
for the moderators
to revoke his list membership at the earliest.

 My sincere advise to Dr. Shantanu will be to report his symptoms / thoughts
to his doctors and
get medical advise / treatment at the earliest.

Hari Om,
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