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Dear all
We should all be grateful to Shri Balagopal Ramakrishnan for this timely pre Christmas message to sober us all. The full shloka is
Anudwekaram vakyam satyam priya-hitam cha yat
Svadhyaya -abhysasanam ce eva vanmayam tapah ucyate
And Sri Shankaracharyas commentary is
That speech which causes no pain, which is true, agreeable and beneficial; as well as the practice of the study of the scriptures, - is said to be austerity of speech.
Thank you Sri Ramakrishnanji
Dr Shantanu Panigrahi

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Thumb rule to follow while communicating is given in 'Gita' verse 17/15
( Anudwekakaram....uchyate).

Apply it in one's life and enjoy peace and happiness on the way to blissful



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