[Advaita-l] What is the meaning of illusion (according toadvaita, obviously)?

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Br. Pranipata Cahitanyaji - PraNAms

That is precisely the point I was making. Illusion is not the problem but when illusion is taken as real due to ignorance then delusion occurs - Jnaani is one who understands that the world is mithya - that includes his BMI too. His knowledge is that the world is mithyaa and substantive of that mithyaa is the existent-consciousness the self that HE IS or I AM. The actions are done by the prakRiti only - prakRityaivaca karmaaNi kriyamaanaani sarvashaH, yaH pasyati ... akartaram saH pasyati - says Krishna - Hence jnaani realizes he is akarthaaham, abhoktaaham...
Actions are done spontaneously by the prakRiti itself. He has no more kartRiitva bhaava or bhokRitva bhaava.  

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Can we say one gets deluded by illusion, if he is prompted to action; while 
the delusion is removed by right knowledge; one is not prompted to any 
action.  Illusion may still persist.

KS - that is the point. prompting and action are all part of mithyaa only - hence it is prakRiti that does the action - even ajnaana kaale api - but ajnaani thinks he is the actor while jnaani knows he is akartaa in spite of actions going on. The system dynamically responds to the internal perturbations.

As none will wish to quest their thirst from mirage waters. By delusion we 
refer to the me and mine notion arising out of non-discrimination which 
impels one towards objects. (Gita 2.53 and bAShyA). Delusion is our reaction 
to illusion. Delusion can be removed by discrimination. Then one's attitude 
becomes nirveda/udAsIna.
So it seems delusion and illusion do differ. Kindly clarify.
KS: Yes indeed - illusion is one appearing as many - delusion is when that appearance is taken as real - samsaara starts with delusion. Delusion is jiiva SRishTi and illusion can be Iswara sRiShTi - for example BMI - 

I was only answering Sunilji saying mithyaa does not translate as delusion. It can cause delusion for ajnaani - delusion is taking the plurality as reality. Illusion is just the appearance of one as many. Appearance is not a problem - unless that appearance is taken as real due to delusion. For Jnaani the appearance becomes vibhuuti of the Lord. I  am sure you are aware of all these, but I am clarifying it for the benefit of members at large. 

Hari Om!

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