[Advaita-l] Karma yoga vs. Jnaana yoga

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Thu Feb 7 18:44:47 CST 2008

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Thank you vidya - I was going to write on Bhakti as the basis for both karma and jnaana -
I will be posting soon on Bhakti couple of articles.
Hari Om!
> I would like to point out here that a four-fold contrasting of karma, bhakti, rAja and
> jnAna yoga-s is Swami Vivekananda's contribution to contemporary discussions of
> vedAnta. The authors of the older Sanskrit texts do not talk of these four in the same
> manner. For example, if you take the gItA and its commentaries and sub-commentaries,
> you will read of dhyAna yoga, sAMkhya yoga etc., but will not find the term rAja yoga.
> As a matter of fact, the only direct contrast is between karma yoga and jnAna yoga. The
> transition from karma yoga to jnAna yoga is aided by both bhakti yoga and what is
> nowadays called rAja yoga.
> Regards,
> Vidyasankar

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