[Advaita-l] Uma Sahasranamam

Mani G. Iyer iyer at rcn.com
Sat Feb 23 21:51:50 CST 2008


My name is Mani Iyer and I am in search of some legacy that my paternal
grandfather, Kalpathi Airavatham Iyer(I am not even sure how he called
himself), left. My grandfather, as the story goes, was a very learned man,
and in those days (late 1800s to early 1900s) earned double masters'
degrees. He was the headmaster of a high school in Vellore.  My mother who
had the good fortune to spend time with him was the one who told me that my
grandfather was a disciple of Ramana Maharishi and translated the 'Uma
Sahasranamam' from Sanskrit to Malayalam (it could have been vice-versa, I
don't recall exactly) and dedicated it to Sri Ramana.  There is also a
possibility of him having written a biography of Sri Ramana or Seshadri


If you have any information on my grandfather or his works, please let me
know via email(iyer at rcn.com).   





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