[Advaita-l] gita 5.29

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> 2) If Ishwara is the kartA and bhoktA, does he not become a karmI
> tainted by karma? If instead he is to be known as nArAyaNa from
> pAramArthika-dRiShTi standpoint, why talk about kartRitvam and
> bhoktRitvam at all?
> bhavadIyaH,

 In the commentary of the same verse aachaaarya says that nArAyaNa is the a)
dweller in the hearts of all beings (sarva bhutaanaam hridayeshayaH), b)
superindent of fruits of all works ( karma phala adhyaxaH), and c) who is
the witness of all ideas in the mind of all beings (sarva pratyaya

One another important thing, anAtman is utterly dependent on Atman  for its
[apparent] existence.  In that  sense the yajamana  to who does the yaj~na
or  the devataa who accepts  havirbhaaga both depend on brahman for their
very existence.  He says that in verses such as 9-4.  Without that
substratum nothing can exist, there is no yajamaana to perform yaj~na and no
devata to receive the sacrifice. Hence, one may speak of the Lord as
ultimate karta and bhokta.

However, as he says in verses such as 5-14, 5-15, 9-9. 3-28, and so on,  he
is not tainted by it. Tainting happens by the sense of agency and longing
for (or clinging to) the fruits.


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