[Advaita-l] Learning Telugu

Siva Senani Nori sivasenani at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 01:04:10 CST 2008

Mr. Davey

Where are you based? 

Are you looking for formal classes, or guidance in terms of what to read first, what next and so on? (Once you know the spoken language, the only real difficulty in getting familar with the alphabet - the going would be fairly smooth thereafter).

As and when you do learn Telugu, one must-read is Potana, esp. the poems from his Telugu translation of Bhagavata - they are so good that Vinobha Bhave had said that he wanted to master Telugu in his next janma so that he could enjoy Potana's poetry!


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Divine Souls! Pranams. I am interested in learning Telugu language. I have
fair spoken language. I request help

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