[Advaita-l] varNAsharama system at the time of shankara

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hari om
people generally seem to nurse a notion that the vedaadhikaaris have their path to realization paved smooth than the shudraas and stree-s, who have to take a circuitous path through the smruthis and puraanaas and there seems to be less hope for them to reach the ultimate destination, until they take many more janmaas................
why smruthis and puraanaas, even a simple shloka like the "nirvaana shatka" of bhagavadpaada sri shankara ("mano budhyahankaara chithaadi naaham............"), when deeply meditated over its meaning, has the capacity to cleanse ones antahkarana and the Truth can shine there.

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Hare Krishna

When searching for Sri VidyA prabhuji's quote on AnimAdi siddhi-s (subtle
powers) of yOgi-s, I found that it appears in the shankara's commentary on
dEvatAdhikaraNa  of vEdAnta sUtra (1-3-26 to 1-3-33) wherein discussion was
about whether dEvata-s have eligibility to attain brahmajnAna or
not....While reading through bhAshya on 1-3-33, I've observed one important
assertion of shankara that is about system of varNAshrama dharma existing
at  that point of time...Here shankara implies that at that time
varNashrama system was not strictly in order..Shankara says here :
idAnImIva cha kAlAntarepi avyavasThita prAyAn varNAshrama dharmAn
pratijAnIta, tatascha vyavasThAvidAyi shAstraM anarThakaM syAt...Inspite of
this avyasTha of varNashrama system, shankara in the very next adhikaraNa
talks about vedAdhikara to non-dvija-s & stree-s & clears his stand
though sUdra-s & stree-s donot have adhikAra in vEda-s, they are eligible
to have vEdAntic Atmaikatva jnAna through smruti & purANa texts...

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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