[Advaita-l] varNAsharama system at the time of shankara

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hari om
yes, thanks to those who believe that 'tvam' in "tat tvam asi" is all inclusive and hence have an egalitarian view.
when i wrote my comment, i was only remembering incidences when some people used to equate stree with baala, jada, andha (just becoz sri shankara has made that sentence in one of the stanzas of sri dakshinamurthy stotra) and used to belittle a woman who was aspiring to realize the ultimate. the word 'people' in my comment does not include people from this List :))

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People argue on what they want to agrue. Karma is kama driven.  Arguing is karma too!

Our scriptures clearly say 'Tat Tvam Asi'.  It would not have said it if you didn't have the right to know.  'Tvam' does not exclude anyone.  It is an unconditional 'Tvam'!


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