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hari om
how does one apply the "law of karma" in day to day life?
every thing that we do or think is considered a karma - daihika karma or maanasika karma.
and each karma is like a fresh seed that is going to be sown to get fruits later on. we may do nishkaama karma - ie, do the action without expectations in return, just for the love of it, with aaraadhana bhaava. or you may do the karma with expectations of a positive result. in this case sometimes our expectations get fulfilled and we become happy and our action gets reinforced. but sometimes our expectations are not fulfilled and the outcome may turn out to be negative. in that case we become disappointed and may get frustrated so much that we start blaming our 'karma' and become complacent. negative thinking takes root. "whatever i do does not give me good results at all. my fate is bad. hence i will not do anything about it. i will just undergo what is written in my fate and i am doomed for ever". thus we may continue to subscribe to 'fate' and take recouse in inaction! 
that inaction is not to be. if the results were bad, it was not my 'fate', but my attempts were either insufficient or inadequate. hence use your free will again with doubled energy, seek guidance from experts, attempt once again with the determination of uprooting the poor result. have belief in self and also seek the support of Ishwara for a positive outcome this time. inspite of several sincere attempts, if the outcome is still not upto our expectations, then learn to 'let-go'. well, it was just not meant to be. let us accept our failure gracefully at this stage and move ahead in life.
since we reap as we sow, let us continue to sow good seeds so that some day they reap and spread the goodness to one and all. 

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Namaste Latha-Ji:
Now the question arises how this applies to present ?  How does one practice this Or are we just supposed to lock ourselves in the ivory towers of advaita ? or should we just gloat on the advaitic philosophy ?
I am not interested in your shaastric statements but your thoughts on this issue !?
IMHO- Anything that does not have an application has very little or no value at the present moment.
I am glad that at least you feel it being necessary to be on this list and share your understanding !
Dr. Yadu

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From: latha vidyaranya <lathavidya at yahoo.co.in>
Subject: [Advaita-l] Fw: Re: law of karma
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hari om
as long as we perceive ourselves as a body-mind complex, Ishwara remains
separate, or rather we perceive Ishwara to be a separate entity from us who is
dispensing to us the fruits of our karmas and driving our lives. this is
standing at a lower rung of the evolutionary ladder.
for somebody who has climbed the top rung of the ladder and realized the
"aham brahmasmi" tattva, the ladder itself does not exist, nor a
separate identity from that of Ishwara. both would merge then. then there would
be no need for making entries in advaita List here!

--- On Thu, 3/7/08, Dr. Yadu Moharir <ymoharir at yahoo.com> wrote:

Can you please help me understand why you are trying to perceive ishvra as
being separate from you ?   Dose this not go against the primary foundation
of advaita "aham brahmaaasmi". 
Thank You,
Dr. Yadu

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