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hari om
all that our science proves is not the eternal truth. what was proved scientifically a hundred years ago to be the truth gets disproved another hundred years later by some other research group who claim their discovery is the 'latest truth' ! and all human discoveries are bound by the limited perception of human mind and sensory apparatus. they are 'pourusheya'. whereas, our smruthi and puraanaas are based on shruthi or vedas which are  apourusheya and hence contain the eternal truth. where physics ends meta physics begins. 
for that matter, i don't think musquitos or cockroaches are mentioned in puraanaas. the general term 'srishti' or 'creation' encompasses all that  was / is / going to be in the Brhmaanda. 
interesting thread ! sure to bring out a smile on the many serious faces of List members :))

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> Friends,
> As it's scientifically accepted that dinosaurs existed millions of
> ago, why is it our puranas/ramayan never mention them? Or, do we have to
> assume that the rakshasas mentioned therein could be referring to

Namaste Suresh,
         Dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago. I am not sure
whether any of our Puranas and Ramayana refer to that old an era.
Scientifically speaking, dinosaurs and humans (or for that matter, any of
the *homo* species) did not coexist. So, there can be no mention about
dinosaurs in our scriptures.

The reason I find this important from a spiritual angle is because, if our
> scriptures hadn't mentioned these things, it raises questions as to
> authenticity.
> Moreover, how is it possible to believe that the scriptures are ancient,
> when this obvious info. pertaining to that time is missing?

I doubt whether all the things mentioned in our scriptures comply with
modern science. So, it is up to every individual to decide for him/herself
whether or not to accept the scriptures as authentic. IMVHO, it is the
philosophy in the scriptures that is important and, not the technical

Learned members, kindly CMIIW.

Best regards,
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