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Mahadevan Babu babunim at optushome.com.au
Wed Jul 9 06:38:31 CDT 2008

Hari Om

We can also say that Ghana Phatam is in a way very wise encryption  
algorithm for Akshara and Swara Shudhi.

I mean look at the way they have slowly incremented the algorithm from  
Kramam, Jadai to Ghana.

This could be one of the prime reasons that we are still having the  
Akshara and swara in purity in Veda recital.

It could also be very imperative for a teacher when he has to split  
big sentences in simpler Padas to teach the vedic beginners.



On 07/07/2008, at 12:51 AM, latha vidyaranya wrote:

> hari om
> namaste
> i have listened to ghana paata recitations and they are extremely  
> musical to the ears. when the mantras are recited with the sandhis  
> split, it brings in more clarity and it becomes more meaningful and  
> understandable. i am sure those who learn the ghana recitation learn  
> to pause inbetween sentences and will have time to focus on its  
> meaning too. and as another reader has pointed out, it increases the  
> level of concentration in the reciter as he eagerly waits for his  
> turn to pick up from where the other ends. otherwise the recitation  
> tend to become mechanical. the ghana makes the recitation more  
> competative and robust.
> namaste
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