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Dear All,
Pranam.  Latha brings up a good point.  Given that is mainly the current situation, are many of us violating varna dharma ?  Does it affect our adhikara (pertaining to dvijas) for sandhya, Gayatri, samskaras, etc ?

In addition there are many jatis that appear (traditionally)to have vaisya/kshatriya function and occupation but by varna are shudras.  How is that explainable ?

Any comment from acharyas or smritis that anyone may know ?


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> hari om
> namaste
> that was an interesting explanation of sri bhaskarji about
> the swadharmaas that may fall under the nitya and
> naimittika karmas.
> but i was talking about the current day jobs that we all do
> outside our homes to earn a living. the varnaashrama
> swadharmas are not very strictly followed. brahmins are
> also into trading and business and vysyas are also into
> teaching in various educational institutions and there are
> hardly any wars to be waged by a kshatriya (and the
> political scene is open to all irrespective of caste, creed
> or sex) and there is no particular demarcation of jobs to
> shudraas as they are also well educated now and are into
> all fields. in this scenario of modern day india /
> abroad, our earning the bread-butter-jam becomes more of a
> social obligation to take care of our families and
> communities and the larger interest of the nation. thus
> they may not fall under the nitya or naimittika, but surely
> are bound by the ethical frame of our dharma. 
> namaste
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> whereas the occupational duties (our daily jobs) are not
> vaidhika karmas and hence do not fall under either nitya or
> naimittika karmas. they are vyavahaaric karmas to fulfill
> the social obligations. 
> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Interestingly, these social obligations or vyAvahArik
> karma-s are closely linked with one's own *svadharma*
> & seems to be obligatory!!..Though these karma-s cannot
> be strictly categorized as either nitya or naimittika
> karma-s, some smruti texts insisted the strict adherence to
> karma-s that is based on svadharma...For example, in gIta
> bhagavan forced arjuna to follow his svadharma i.e.
> fighting the battle...Being a kshatriya, arjuna had to
> fight the battle of kurukshEtra and krishna asked him to do
> the same..Likewise, being a brAhmaNa, one has to regularly
> perform hOma, havana, yAga-s etc., spread the message of
> scripture (dharma prachAra) etc because it is his
> svadharma..and being born as vaishya, one has to do
> vyavahAra (business) since it is his svadharma....I think,
> these are all as sri Jaldhar prabhuji pointed out comes
> under nitya/namittika karma category only...So, these
> social obligations are part & parcel of one's own
> svadharma if it is done with
>  an aim of protecting the same. (svadharma
> saMrakshaNArthaM). 
> Comments & clarifications are welcome.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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