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Please see
It is said one requires navAkSharI to recite chaNDI saptashatI like a mAlA mantra(i.e. with all its accessories) and needs to be learnt from a teacher.

Alternately, one may recite just the core 13 chapters like reading part of a purANa.

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Hi there,

I have been reciting chandi but may be I have not been following correct
procedure. There are various procedure suggested in different books. In one it
is said that you should do sankalpa, nyasa etc and kavacha, argala and kilaka,
then whole 13 chapters of chandi and the three rahasyas. Other suggestions are
to read madhyam charitra one day and pratham and uttar charitra the next day.
Also there is another suggestion which says if you can't do above two every
day, then you can recite the chapters in following format:
chapter1 in first day, 2 and three in second day, 4 in third day, 5,6,7,8 in
fourth day, 9 and 10 in 5th day, 11 in 6th day and 12 and 13 in seventh day,
thus completing the path in a week. What is your advice? Please clarify this to
me. What procedure to follow if you can not finish the chandi reciting in a
single day? If doing madhyam charitra on first day and the rest of the path in
second day, do you have to start second day with nyas and sankalpa again or you
can start straight to the path. please clarify these to me.

Thank you

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