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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
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Namaste Marko Gregoric-Ji:
What you say has some merit when you say words are maya -  But that that goes against the very definition of words itself.  "akskara - na ksharati iti"   one that does not dissolve.  A spoken word gets lost as the sound dies down but a written word remains immortal.
In reality, it the message that these words are intended to deliver.  All expressed words are like cages carrying the "artha (meaning) - bird".  It is up the listener to understand the intended meaning and releasing the bird.  However if one gets attached to the CAGE (mantra - word) then there is a danger that we remain attached to Chanting rather than understanding it.
IMO - if we do not understand what has been said/written then all that has been said has no meaning.
R^ico axare parame vyoman yasmin devaa adhi vish{}ve niSheduH .
yastanna veda kimR^icaa kariShyati ya ittad vidusta ime samaasate || R^igveda 1.164.39 ||
Meaning - diirghattamaa while praising veda he says comments -  (liberal translation) Gods reside in vedic R^icaa.  But if one does not understand their meaning then what is the use of such vead (R^icaa) for him?  One who realizes this live together with understanding (in the society).
Finally, when we discuss issues with colleagues (who are part of this brahman (Gods) spo the discussion is also within Gods by God for Gods.  
vaade vaade jaayate tattva bodhaH - Meaning - Knowledge is born through discussions / deliberations.  That is why we go the Conferences where there are many knowledgeable folks. 
My 2 cents.
Dr. Yadu

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Dear friends

I think the purpose of discussion is the pleasure of making new friends. I
see no other point because reality will allways stay away from words. Words
create illusion, and "advaita words" are simply a beautiful illusion.
order to do take care for my family I have to stay in illusion. The
beautiful words of my guru make the illusion a better place.


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