[Advaita-l] the meaning trapped into the word

Marko Gregoric markogregori at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 09:09:33 CDT 2008

i will put it in a different way. All words have the same meaning
which will always remain unknown. Do you agree?

2008/7/23, kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com>:
> Marko - PraNAms
> The word is word only because the meaning is indicated by the word -
> otherwise it is just bunch of letters with no meaning. Meaning is the
> essence of the word and the world too, which is nothing but bunch of words -
> names for forms. The meaning is beyond the word as the later is only a
> pointer to the meaning or its essence. The essence or the meaning is the
> truth of the word and the world, too. aitadaatmyamidagam sarvam - tat satyam
> - sa aatma - tat tvam asi Swetakeo.  The essence of this entire world or
> words is nothing but the very core which is the truth and that YOU ARE.
> Without the word, the truth of the word cannot be communicated, by the
> shruti.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
> --- On Wed, 7/23/08, Marko Gregoric <markogregori at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What is That which is touched by the meaning released from
>> the word(s)?
>> How can That be expressed with words? I think it can't.
>> What do you think?
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