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> Mental effort is the only thing that is obstacle to
> Self-realization.
> Marko

Marko - PraNAms

To tell you frankly more than mental effots - these kinds of blips with confused statements are more obstacles for self-realization.

Self-realization is in the mind only.
Self does not need self realization. It is ever present self.
Ego can never realize.
Realization is to recognize that ego can never realise and self need not realize and I am not the ego but the ever present self-effulgent self that need not have to realize. It is shifting attention from extrovert mind to that because of which the mind itslef functions. - that which the mind cannot think of but because of which the mind is capable of thinking of is Brahman - Kena.Up. 

This realization occurs only in the mind - mana eva manushyaanam kaaraNam bandha mokshayoH| - mind is responsible for both bondage and liberation.

Inquiry is done only by the mind. For that one needs a proper teacher who can direct the disciple in the correct path and not these, I am sorry to say, half truths. 

Saadhana or proper efforts are required to purify the mind. The mind that is purified can enquire the underlying truth and discover it. There is no othe means than proper efforts which includes inquiry by the mind.

Hari Om!

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