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Dear Marco
I fully agree with you and appreciate your views.
My Guru Shri. Virajeshwara too says that the real guru is within you and the external guru, at the most, can be like sign post directing you to go inwards.He also says dissolving the 'Mind' is the only wayout to realize with which you loose yourself (ego)and you can call this as even mukthi.
He always says that there can be many amny teachers who can just reproduce what has been read from scriptures, but they always remain mere teachers. But Truth can be understood only from those who have experienced and they seldom speak.
When I had been to have his darshan during this vacation, he  again stressed that there is 
no nead to go to Himalayas or Kasi even to see him, but advised to be a silent witness of myself. Such witnessing  would lead to greater hights.
Thank you so much
with warm regards
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Dear Kuntimaddi Sadananda

1.There is no-one who can tell something which is not a half-truth. The
absolute truth cannot be expressed anyway. People who say they can, are
fooling themselves and everybody who listen to them. I just write what I
think in a particular moment because I want to share with all you friends
which have similar interests. I don't pretend to tell the truth. I know I
can't. Nobody can.

2.If you talk about mind and real self separately what does that mean? How
can these two can be separated?
And by the way, what is that which needs to be purified if there is only
You talk about mind which needs to purified. I think there is no such thing
as a purified mind. I don't believe to people who say that they have
purified their mind. The mind is  not in anybody's control. If there exists
any mind  at all (which I sincerely doubt)  who is there to  direct its
activities? The mind thinks whatever "it wants".

3.My guru, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, said that the only true teacher is ones
own self. I believe that. So I need no other teacher.

I enjoy very much discussing these topics with you and I am grateful for
this opportunity.

Wish you all the best!

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