[Advaita-l] Re mental efforts

Marko Gregoric markogregori at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 14:03:44 CDT 2008

Dear Sadananda

I want to be completely honest with you. Untill I thought I am this
body-mind organism which puts all his efforts to be a good man, a good
husband and a good father I had to put efforts to read sacred scriptures and
to understand them. Then by grace it was all over.
It is difficult to put it down in words but I can just tell you that this
body-mind organism functions completely spontaneously together with
everything that surrounds him and that I have no way to interfere with it.
All knowledge, ignorance, efforts, senses, thoughts, achievements and other
stuff pertain to the body-mind organism. None of them is mine . I have no
way to tell you what I am, but I know what I am not. I did absolutely
nothing to realise this. It simply happened.
Mental effort is needed only until there is something you want. This
body-mind wants something all the time so it puts efforts in it.

I have  profound respect for the sacred scriptures and for the teachers you
talk about and with my statements I never intended to offend anybody's
belief. It is just a joy for me to discuss about these topics with you all
and sometimes I write short blimps that might not be well understood. I am
sorry for that.

with love


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