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> Dear Sadananda
> It is difficult to put it down in words but I can just tell
> you that this
> body-mind organism functions completely spontaneously
> together with
> everything that surrounds him and that I have no way to
> interfere with it.

Is it the body-mind organism that has written the above?

> All knowledge, ignorance, efforts, senses, thoughts,
> achievements and other
> stuff pertain to the body-mind organism. None of them is
> mine . 

The objective of Self-'realization' is for the body-mind (jiva); this is understood.

>I have no
> way to tell you what I am, but I know what I am not. I did
> absolutely
> nothing to realise this. It simply happened.

Happened to whom/what/where?

> Mental effort is needed only until there is something you
> want. This
> body-mind wants something all the time so it puts efforts
> in it.

Is the awareness of this 'fact' in the body-mind?



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