[Advaita-l] Aryan Invasion-What Advaitin Scholars say?

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> Dear Friends,
> The thread on varnashrama dharma impelled me to start this one. I want to keep it separate, because it doesn't specifically concern varnashrama, but rather factors giving birth to varnashrama.
> I've been brought up to believe in the Aryan invasion theory, because it makes sense as to how varnashrama could've developed. It's quite easy to believe that fair-skinned Aryans created this system to keep the different races separate from each other. Also in bhagavat gita 1.40-1.43, we see hints on what happens if castes mingle.

Not specifically looking at varNAshrama system alone, but the Aryan
invasion theory (AIT) as a whole, I'd like to suggest a book I came
across only yesterday. Although I haven't read it, but heard the
synopsis from who has studied it, it seems like one of the best books
that puts the AIT to a mere theory or more of a politically developed
myth. In the book Aryan Invasion of India: The Myth and the Truth
(Voice of India Publication) , Shri N.S. Rajaram analyzes the subject
very well and gives his conclusions approaching from various angles of
ecology, astronomy, shruti, original Indus scripts, math, science,

In any case, for whatever reasons, I never subscribed to the AIT.

--Praveen R. Bhat
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