[Advaita-l] Shoking but Important Fox New Expose

Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 11:17:21 CDT 2008

Dear All:
In the light of current discussions on Guru, Meaning, Realization I wanted to bring following disturbing news to the attention of list members.
Some of you may have already seen this FOX News?  You tube video's of the Fox 5 Report on Commander Selvam on how he has been scamming the Hindu community in the USA.
Part 1 of the Story
Part 2 of the Story

Exposing the Temple Priests (Moron Swami's) are poisoning US and I believe should be a much higher priority for NRI's otherwise all our discussions will remain purely academic value in the Dearm domain of Deep Sleep.  Recognizing the problems and addressing them promptly may help our future generations.
How true is the statement from B. Franklin: 
Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. Benjamin Franklin
Statement from mahaabhaarata applies appropriately to the above news item.
sa~NkShepo nItishAstrANAmavishvAsaH paro mataH . 
nR^iShu tasmAdavishvAsaH puShkala.n hitamAtmanaH || ma. bhaa. shaanti parva 138. 187 ||
It should be our absolutely duty to preserve our heritage, at the same token we should learn from our scriptures what they really stand for?  If this is not done then the purpose will only have an academic value.  We give too much importance to chanting but a closer examination ravels the associated significance.  JaytapaaTha, padapaaTha, rkhipaaTha, rathapaTha ..... etc were devised by our ancestors to retain the integrity of the original text just like we commonly use encryption coding software to communicate confidential information.  Finally, it is up to us to deciphe the associated significance as illustrated by our ancestors.
My apologies to the Moderators for having stepped outside the domain of Shankara's Advaita.
Dr. Yadu


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