[Advaita-l] Qualities of vArtikam

S.N. Sastri sn.sastri at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 01:40:34 CDT 2008

Mahadevan Babu wrote:
I am looking for detailed explanation on the lAkshaNa of vArthikam.  I am
reading here and there , but I am still not able to comprehend the
difference between:
1) Sutra
2) Bhashya
3) vArthika

Can any of you great pAndithas please explain to me please.

Dear Shri Mahadevan Babu,

The definitions and meanings of the above terms are given below.


The definition of sUtram is:--

alpAksharam asandigdham sAravad vishvatomukham |

astobham anavadyam ca sUtram sUtravido viduH ||

Meaning: Those who are knowledgeable about sutras say that a sutra should
consist of a minimum number of letters, be unambiguous, give the essence of
the subject-matter, be all-encompassing (containing all the matters intended
to be conveyed), be free from repetition and faultless.


The definition is:--

sUtrArtho varNyate yatra vAkyaiH sUtrAnusAribhiH |

svapadAni ca varNyante bhAshyam bhAshyavido viduH ||

Meaning:-- Those who are knowledgeable about bhAshya say that a bhAshya is
one in which the meaning of  a sutra (or aphoristic statement in the shruti)
is expounded through sentences which are in accordance with the sUtra and
also the meanings of the words contained therein.


The definition is:--

uktAnuktaduruktAnAm cintA yatra prasajyate |

tam grantham vArtikam prAhuH vArtikaj~nA manIShiNaH ||

Those who are knowledgeable say that a vArtika is a work which examines what
is said, what is not said, and what is not well said in the original.




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