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Wed Jul 30 14:39:35 CDT 2008

Just a word of caution. Please do not interleave intellectual arguments with
actual experiences. It is unbecoming of the theorists, intellectuals and
academicians in the list to imply their ideas to the realm of spiritual
experiences by positing this or that happens, if and but, contradicting a
notion by referring a piece of literature. Thought, speech and language
suffer from the ultimate dichotomy and are the most imperfect expressions of
absolutism, be it written by God or mortal. This duality between language
and consciousness - arising due the expressionistic deficiencies of the
former and the unfathomable abstractness of the latter can stray us,
frustrate us, make us write. They are completely different worlds.

I will advise the list members to stick to purely academic and overt
pursuits and arguments thus preventing any bias or prejudice. If you have an
experience, share it as experience and do not refer any kind of supportive
literature how awesome it might be.

PS: This reply is not pointed towards Marko but the discussions happening on
questions raised by him. Questions should not trouble us, but the answers


On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 4:12 PM, Marko Gregoric <markogregori at gmail.com>wrote:

> Namaste dear friends!
> He was (as you probably know better than me) the guru of the great Sri
> Nisargadatta Maharaj and once he said "Knowledge is the greatest
> ignorance".
> What I understood from his words is that; That what you know can't be your
> self. What do you think?
> Thanks
> Marko
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