[Advaita-l] Noticing

balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in
Wed Oct 1 07:34:26 CDT 2008


put ourselves in position which is separated from
> it.

-separated from 'WHAT'? Delving deeper will make the question more clear, sometimes that could be the answer too! 

This is
> the position of the 'noticer' of truth.

- One is not taking a 'separate' position. There is only 'one' position. The 'separateness' is due to ignorance. Knowledge when taken without experience will always, always be alien and separate. Once it get into your system you will start feeling it.

artificialy create even more illusion of duality:
> noticer-noticed?

-All these 'illusion' will start receding as you progress in gaining more knowledge (advaita) by 'ASSIMILATING' them.



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