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Namaste! Jaldhar,

Than you for referring me to Mantra Mahodadhi (MM).

It is 16 th Taranga (chapter) which has details of mahAmrityunjaya and Rudra mantras and related details. However, the yantra of Rudra provided here does not tally with the Shata Rudriya Yantra picture I have. The Rudra Yantra provided in MM has 5 circles of petals (8, 16, 24, 32, 40). It has no triangles/kona. The Shata Rudriya Yantra picture I have has 4 circles of petals (8, 16, 36, 50) and also has in the center 5 triangles pointing upwards, and 6 triangles pointing downwards (making up the triangles) and has a Bindu at the centre.

The small write up also mentions that the Shata Rudriya Anuvakas are some kind of Avarana Puja. (I do not understand much, how to interpret). It also mentions that the details are given in Lalitopakhyana, and Bhatta Bhaskara detailed in his Rudram commentary.

Also, when I see the 50 lettered mantra given, I have some doubt on the pronumciation of the following:

1. jum or juum (joom - MM) (another book of prayers I have writes it as 'jum' - hrasva)
2. bhUrbhuvaH svaH RoM or  bhUrbhuvaH svaH OM (at the end of the 50 lettered mantra)
3. how is the tryabakam mantra counted as 32 letters

Are there any published books on the complete puja paddhati based on these MM details?

Any comments will be helpful.



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On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:

> Namaste!
> I request the knowledgeable members to provide any information on Shata 
> Rudriya Chakroddhara. Would you also direct me to sources who can 
> inscribe this chakra.

I was only able to look at the table of contents but the 17th taranga of 
mantramahodadhi might have what you're looking for.

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