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Marko praNAms

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> Dear friends
> Why should I put my efforts trying to understand that which
> is well
> beyond and/or prior to understanding?

You don’t have to. 

It is only for those who want to understand that it is beyond understanding and to those who want to understand that you are beyond the efforts and to put or not to put efforts both involve putting efforts and to understand that also some effort in correct thinking is required. It is intended for those only and not for you who do not want to put efforts to understand the above. 

> And secondly, if only unconditional being is there
> isn't it true that
> there is no entity that has to understand or realize it?

Yes - conditioned being can not understand the unconditional nature of the being. Unconditioning is not completely effortless as JK argues, it involves deliberate controlled conditioning to remove uncontrollable conditioning. It is similar to using a needle to remove a thorn. We do not need a needle in the body either.  Once the uncontrollable conditioning drops off, the controlled conditioning also drops off leaving for one to be free from conditioning. To understand this clearly only some effort is needed. But as you claim - you do not need it. But remember that you do not need it, could also be another conditioning! 

Hari Om!

> Thank you!
> Marko
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