[Advaita-l] Meditation Vs nitya karma

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Shree Narayan Iyer,

I move from karma yoga to jnaana yoga when my mind has achieved certain degree of study ness. Some time back I posted on the attitude of karma yogi vs. jnaana yogi. One may be able to down load it from archives. 

In essence Karma yogi says I have to realize - realization is something to achieve. Some have a sense that it will not happen in this life. 

Jnaana yogi is the one who realizes that there is nothing to realize but something to understand. He is already that but not able to abide in that knowledge because of emotional attachments - for  him after sravana, manana - Nidhidhyaasana is recommended for firmly abiding in the knowledge that I am that. 

Karma yogi feels he needs to do something - including Veda vihita karmaas. Jnaana yogi feels that it is not something do but something to abide on - Hence constant sravana, manana, nidhidhyaasana - only method for abidance on the truth. Obviously he has approached his teacher under whom he has studies shaastras - sravana and reflecting on the truths expounded in the shaastras - only abidance or internalizing the truth is the problem and that happens as the mind dwells on the truth more and more.

Hope this helps.

Hari Om!

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> > 
> > , all prayers and pujas help in terms of
> > chitta suddhi - as all karmas do. 
> I have always been wanting to ask this question.  How does
> the process of chitta suddhi works?  What are the symptoms
> that show me conclusively that I am making some progress at
> least?  How do I know that my mind is not deluding me into
> believing I am ascending in the spiritual progress?
> Can you please point any pointers that can help me
> bench-mark my progress?
> Thanking you in advance
> narayan

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