[Advaita-l] Meditation Vs nitya karma

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Thu Oct 16 06:25:28 CDT 2008

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PraNAms to all.

The topic of the discussion has shifted to taking bhoutika sanyaasa to renoucne nitya karmaas.

My statement was Shankara does not subscribe to pratyavaya paapam for not performing so called obligatory duties - in his discussion of jnanaakarma saucchya vaada. It is not for those who have renouced actions physically only. I suggest that one should study his bhaashyam carefully. 

Karma is important for chitta suddhi. Jnaana yoga is not for bhoutika sanyaasins only. 

My taking sanyaasa is beyond the scope of this topic and I leave it HIM to decide since I find that it is also in HIS hands. One can have of course mental sanyaasa which is more important. 

I will not be contributing on this topic any further.

Hari Om!

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