[Advaita-l] Meditation Vs. Nityakarma

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Tue Oct 21 11:14:54 CDT 2008

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, narayan iyer wrote:

> Namaskar,
> If we knock down the original query to nuts and bolts situation, the two 
> points to be considered are:
> 1. Whether nityakarmas can be given up by Gruhustas;
> 2. Whether brahman can be realised without sanyaasa.
> The answer to both the questions seems to have been given in affirmative 
> by the previous Sankaraacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham.

Actually no.

> The actual quotation in respect of (1) being: "In the second type we are 
> cleansed inwardly and the burden of our karma is made lighter and 
> ultimately we are taken to the point beyond which it is not necessary to 
> perform any rites"

The second type referred to here is nitya karma.  The first type is kamya 
karma.  Nitya karma eventually takes you to the point where you can take 
sannyasa.  Then there is no need for any type of karma.

So the suggestion is that the grhastha should give up kamya karma not 
nitya karma.

> The actual quotation in respect of (2) being: "Even if a man does not 
> take to sanyasa after performing sacrifices as a householder, he goes to 
> the meritorious world. With the grace of Isvara he becomes one with that 
> very Isvara. And, when Isvara himself is absorbed in the Brahman as the 
> Paramatman, he too becomes one worth him"

Those who renounce the fruit of actions (karmaphala) and only do that 
which is an obligation and even then with no other motive then as a 
sacrifice to the Lord, go to the brahmaloka where they along with Ishvara 
will become liberated at the pralaya.  This is kramamukti.  But 
jivanmukti, liberation here and now, is only possible for the sannyasi.

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