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Tue Oct 21 14:04:08 CDT 2008

On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, Dr. Yadu Moharir wrote:

> Namaste Sadananda-Ji:   The position if so, does not make sense.  
> Chittashuddhi has to continue at all times regardless of the so called 
> Official sanyaasa.  I feel it is more important to remain watchful of 
> oneself at that stage and thus serves as an important utility tool.

Sure but the basis of a sannyasis practice are different from a 
non-sannyasi.  The nityakarmas are based on the concept of the three 
R^iNas (debts) which accrue from living in saMsara.  The sannyasi has no 
debts because he is ever free.

> Just count for yourself how many sanyaasi fall off the the wagon and get 
> trapped in the worldly things,

True but that's not a good argument for nityakarma though.  The hypocrite 
who takes up the daNDa and kesari clothes without really renouncing could 
just as easily be the hypocrite who claims to perform agnihotra etc. but 
does not do it properly or, the focus of this argument, the hypocrite who 
claims lofty reasons for abandoning his duty when the true reasons are 

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