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Dr. Yadu Moharir ymoharir at yahoo.com
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Jaldhar-Ji thank you for sharing your thoughts.
But can anything be done without "kaama" ?, which happens to be the primary requirement for each and everything, including so called moxa !!
Even brahma had to have the seed of kaamanaa for creation !
kaamastadagre samavartataadhi manaso retaH prathamaM yadaasiit || R^iveda 10.129.4 ||
Could our disillusioned perceptions of so called moxa may have been responsible for the diffusion of confusion that advaita got stuck with the label of maayaavaada ?
Moxa is not the pauraaNika moxa where some one goes from the Earth to Vaiku.nTha as going from Bombay to New Delhi but it is the removal of gland that secrets ignorance.
moxasya nahii vaaso.asti na graamantarameva |
aJ~naana hR^idaya gra.nthi naasho moxa iti smR^ita || shivagiitaa 13.12 ||
Kind regards,
Dr. Yadu

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On Mon, 20 Oct 2008, Dr. Yadu Moharir wrote:

> Even for kaamya karma the objective is to make things better for the 
> aspirant.

Oh also I wanted to make a quick comment about this.

kAmya karma may be done with the best of intentions but remember how in 
fairy tales, the hero gets three wishes but everything ends up going 
wrong? Objectives do not guarantee outcomes.

kAmya karma is based on desire.  It is performed under the spell of 
delusion.  A decision based on incorrect or insufficient information may 
still turn out to be right but this is by pure accident.  More likely it 
will have a worse result than anticipated.

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