[Advaita-l] Meditation Vs nitya karma

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Thu Oct 23 02:40:16 CDT 2008

Dear Carlos
That is exactly the point. Without exact definition there is no such
thing as mind. You have learned from what you read and what you heard
about all the ideas and concepts such as mind, neurons, body. Besides
all this concepts and ideas there is nothing there except the
Absolute. If you forget about everything you've heard or read in your
entire life (all names and definitions) you discover your real self
which alone is.
Best wishes

On 10/23/08, Carlos Grasso <carlos at carlosgrasso.com> wrote:
> On 10/22/08 2:22 AM, "Marko Gregoric" <markogregori at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear friends!
>> I can find no way to believe that there is a mind at all. I can repeat
>> what people say about this idea but sincerely I don't believe it.
>> Everything except the unconditioned being are just ideas. We can talk
>> about them forever but I sincerely can't see the point of such
>> discussion. Whatever idea or concept arises and dissapears doesn't
>> really change reality. Even the idea of the body is no exeption. Isn't
>> it true that the body is made of scientific, religious and/or
>> philosophical concepts? Without names and concepts which are the fuel
>> of every discussion, what is really there to discuss about?
>> Thank you
>> Marko
> Dear Mr Marko,
> The fact that you wrote this posting proves, at least to me, that there is a
> mind behind it, since a dead body couldn't have written it, even if it still
> possesses all the neurons and brain circuits intacts. But maybe the
> confusion is how we define the word 'Mind" in advaitic terms. It would be
> good to know your definition of 'Mind' to understand the first part of your
> posting and what you are saying.
> Would you be so kind as to define it according to your understanding?
> Thank you,
> Carlos Grasso
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