[Advaita-l] Pratyavaaya paapam

Ramanathan P p_ramanathan at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 26 15:19:14 CDT 2008

On this topic, it would be useful to make clear what the nityakarmas,
etc.  of non-Brahmanas are. Since I take it that the Brahmanas are
primarily discussing here, and have in mind their duties, it should be
one of their 'duties' to tell others how they fit, if at all, in the
orthodox view of such things. If the discussion does not apply to them,
for this is primarily about ritualistic duties relevant to Brahmanas,
then that should be made clear. The reason is that we are linking a
universal philosophy with particular dharmas of the individuals.

Are those from foreign countries who are trying to learn Advaita here relevant to this discussion?

Another point in this regard: if the duties of the Brahmanas are
different from others, and yet is a necessary svadharma for them alone,
then what exactly is the basis? To be logical, must we not insist that
we are born Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras due to specific
prarabdha karma and with tendencies that makes us best fit in that
varna? It has more to do with Ishvara's decision (on our
work-tendencies, hence our birth) that was presumably seen and made
into shastras by our sages, than with the idea that the sages thought
this approach works best for society. In the latter case, the
individual is free to take up another's work by rejecting the
psychological insinuations: it is possible depending on adhikara
(Drona, for instance); in the former case, we surrender to Ishvara's
decision and abide by the svadharma as our path to cleansing the mind,



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