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Subject: Dr Mani Dravid Sastrigal on Kathopanishad

Ram Ram
Members of Adv.vedanta study group are aware that Sri Mani Dravid 
of Madras Sanskrit College is taking classes in Tamil on Prasthana
Threya.(pl see this link to know
more-http://www.advaita-vedanta.org/mullaivasal/) He gives annually during
Vijayadasami day a lecture on a special topic.Last year he gave a lecture 
"Chathurmathasamarasyam" of HH Appiah Dikshitha based on introduction
written by Polagam Sri Rama Sastrigal for  the publication from Hyderabad
This year he gave a lecture in Tamil on Kathopanishad basing his lecture 
a new format of linking Prastha Threyam on the following basis:
Upodghata,Advaita nirupanam,Sadhnopayukta vakyani,Sutrabhashya vicarita
vakyani,Paramata asamanjasyam and Upasamharah
The lecture is on two parts of one hour each and interested persons are
requested to get in touch with K Sundaararaman (sundararaman_k at dataone.in)
K Sundararaman

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