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Dear Marko
You are right in a way. The absolute is, infact, nameless we try naming it for our (ego) own satisfaction. It is not just beyond our speech beyond any sense and more importanly beyond mind. What we simply do is, we project our imaginations and start naming it.
When the projection itself is not true and is a mere projection however /whatevr you name it remains just name.It is just another game of the mind to keep you in the vicious circle.
The mind is nothing but mere accumalation of thoughts of not only yours but your forefathers and  the society, in the name of education, values, culture, tradision..... This includes the name/ the form and all the ideas about the  absolute....   When you
empty everything or evn if you could set aside everything for a while, what remains is the absolute. 

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Dear friends!

That which all labels (names) are attached to is the Absolute. That is my
(everyone's) real Self which is beyond everything we can speak about.
Can you please give an opinion on this?

Thank you
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