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Namaste Sada-Ji:
I totally agree with the end point but the point I was making is until such recognition occurs within the so called the term "kaama" plays critically important role.
This bring me to the statement from aShTaavaka giitaa when he state
"moxa kaamasa moxaadeva bibhishikaa"

Meaning -  One is is afraid if the thing that actually gives them moxa !
If death is going to give the moxa then is one prepared to die !?

That is why Acharya recommended living like kamala patra vata, where although in water water is unable to touch it.
Recently,  they have identified the protein structure that is responsible for this hydrophobic property and may when this becomes a product may have a very large scale applications from semi-conductors, water-resistant cell phones and a super-rain coat.  That is what I call the real application of ancient concepts put into practice.
Just some thoughts.
Kind regards,
Dr. Yadu

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> But can anything be done without "kaama" ?, which
> happens to be the
> primary requirement for each and everything, including so
> called moxa !!
Yaduji - PraNAms

mumukshutvam is required to redirect the mind towards Vedantic inquiry.

Ultimately even the disire for liberation has to be given up since the moxa is
not something to be desired but something to be understood as I am that. It is
in being and not becoming. It is recognition that I am nitya muktaH not

Hari Om!

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