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hari om
how does one understand that the dust settled on the mirror is clearing? by the very fact that the image reflected in the mirror becomes clearer and clearer and when the mirror is fully clean, there is absolutely no doubt about the form of the image - it would be crystal clear.
similarly, how clean is my antahkarana becoming after all the sadhanas that i am doing? how do i know that i am progressing? - by the fact that the turbulances in my mind is becoming lesser and lesser, i start perceiving more and more peace of mind than earlier, there is less of negativities in my mind and more positive outlook and more of unconditional love flowing out of my heart, less tendency of the mind to get agitated. you are at peace with yourself and with the world outside............... but the vulnerability still lurks in a corner and hence the need for the sadhana to continue. 
somebody said that absence of nitya karmas does not accrue sin, but that performance of nitya karma definitely reduces the sin. but IMHO a room that is left unswept slowly gathers more dust and hence the need to sweep everyday. since we are all still playing our roles in the vyavaharic world, we are bound to accumulate dirt of one kind or the other if not watchful. hence the need for nitya karmas and/or any saadhana.
all of us are trying to climb the spiritual ladder, at our own pace. each one is at a different rung on this ladder. one who is at the bottom rung can climb faster and reach higher heights than one who was earlier in a top rung, but has fallen down due to some hindrance. there is no need to feel that "i" am standing higher than the other fellow, which would defeat the very purpose of climbing ! as long as i am climbing the ladder, am at any rung, i am bound to reach there, provided i have the desire to reach the top and go beyond it.

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> Namaste Sri Sadanandji,
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> . 
> > 
> > , all prayers and pujas help in terms of
> > chitta suddhi - as all karmas do. 
> I have always been wanting to ask this question.  How does
> the process of chitta suddhi works?  What are the symptoms
> that show me conclusively that I am making some progress at
> least?  How do I know that my mind is not deluding me into
> believing I am ascending in the spiritual progress?
> Can you please point any pointers that can help me
> bench-mark my progress?
> Thanking you in advance
> narayan

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